Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Powerpoint International manufacture special machines to customers requirements when asked?
A: Yes, we are always pleased to discuss any requirements and we enjoy the close working relationship with our customers.

Q: What range of equipment do Powerpoint International Supply?
A: Whatever the customer wants. The customer is our business and we will supply from a single component through to a complete machine.

Q: What quality of service does Powerpoint International offer?
A: All of our customers are the same regardless of company size or size of order. Each customer is treated as an individual, with the respect that they deserve and only gets 1st class friendly service.

Q: Who will look after the machines after installation?
A: Powerpoint International has representatives in most countries, should our customers require any after sales service then we can despatch someone usually the following day.

Q: Do Powerpoint International offer trial facilities?
A: Yes our range of machines is available for customer trials. These trials are free of charge.

Q: Do Powerpoint International manufacture machine for other industries?
A: Yes we will take any enquiry and sit down with the customer to discuss their needs.

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Telephone number 81 (0) 48 229 7830

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